Welcome to my Portfolio

Designer and developer of online courses and training solutions 

"The mind is not a vessel that needs filling but wood that needs igniting"  Plutarch

I am a freelance instructional designer having spent most of my working career in the education library environment developing scaffolded learning modules. 

Conceptualising and developing creative training and awareness solutions based on sound learning theory (such as ADDIE) is what I do. My process ensures full engagement with both client and content ensuring an exciting learning experience.

My project range covers corporate, academic and social responsibility courses including microlearning opportunities. 

Why me you may ask? Because I work on every challenge until everyone is happy with the outcome!

My Instructional Design Process


This is the most critical aspect of the whole process as it defines needs, expectations, who is involved, time lines, and outcomes. Also, the type of learning intervention which will make a difference and how the success of it will be evaluated


With clear objectives in place this is the time to conceptualise how to scaffold elements to make sense of a learning pathway. These need to incorporate input from subject matter experts in such a way that the technology ensures an engaging process 


Using the storyboard as a starting point developing the solution is dependent on the tools chosen. The more time put into the planning the more effective and slick is the development process. There needs to be a degree of flexibility


The final creation will be more effective and slicker dependent on a number of iterations and reviews. The success in the process is the marriage of a number of factors i.e. translating concepts and content into tangible and lucid pathway which is authentic and relevant

New Microlearning Series around animal welfare 

This series will be designed to create awareness on issues pertinent to animal welfare and each course can be completed within ten minutes, including an optional Call to Action. 

The Pangolin - on the edge of survival 

This course, developed in time for World Pangolin Day, describes the plight of the pangolin - it could be extinct within the next ten years despite having been on earth for 85 million years! 

The challenge in creating the course was avoiding a "knowledge dump" yet giving enough information for the learner to come away informed and also inspired to do something about it.  

Interviews with key people in the field brought the issues to the fore e.g. the illegal trafficking of pangolin scales and the cultural imperatives in Africa with regards to this mythical creature. 

Some other project samples

Online course on the basics of personal money management

Online course on customer satisfaction in the retail market

Instructor-led training in developing the digital library

Online course in human ethics and animal rights 

Online course on animal welfare Issues in Africa

Online course on managing chronic illness in the family

Cover page of dog-fighting course

Combating Dog-Fighting in South Africa

The course on combating dog-fighting begins with the story of Mr Miyagi, a real dog who was caught up in the industry but who fortunately survived... 

Story telling is such a great tool in instructional design as it makes subject matter accessible, even the most dire, and will be used across the series.